Student Consulting Program

Looking for: Post-Secondary Student Volunteers Interested in Assisting with the Development of a Social Enterprise

GO recognizes the talent and expertise of post-secondary students, and is currently looking to recruit more volunteers into its student consultant program. As a student consultant, you will have the opportunity to apply your skill set in a multi-disciplinary organization and gain valuable experience.

GO provides opportunities in every discipline – in 2016/17, the program had 15 University of Calgary student volunteers participate through a formal program, including students from Alliance in Marketing, Haskayne Consulting Group, and several electrical engineers. GO also sponsors Capstone projects.

GO is currently looking for passionate, innovative, post-secondary students seeking to assist in the development of its social enterprise. GO welcomes consultants with any of the following skill sets:

  • Technical (engineering, science)
  • Business (finance, marketing, economics)
  • Law
  • Arts (communications, design)

If you would like to get involved, please reach out to GO on the Contact page!